Agarose for electrophoresis

CHEMSOLUTE® agaroses are characterized by easy dissolution and rapid gelation as well as very low DNA fixation. Our high quality CHEMSOLUTE® Agarose products are ideally suited for analytical and preparative routine methods in electrophoresis, such as separation of DNA and RNA fragments as well as PCR products, but also for protein electrophoresis, screening and blotting techniques.

Agarose Standard
For rapid routine separation of DNA and RNA fragments, for PCR products, plasmid preparation and for detection, cloning and transfer techniques.

  • Electroendosmosis (EEO) 0.14-0.16
  • For efficient separation of nucleic acid fragments from 250 bp to 23 kbp
  • Excellent solubility and fast gelling
  • High transparency and low background for clear and defined bands

Agarose low electroendosmosis
For blotting applications
  • Low EEO (0.05-0.13) ensures high electrophoretic mobility
  • Extraordinary mechanical resistance for increased stability and easier handling
  • Higher thermal stability due to higher difference between gelling and melting temperature
  • Excellent transparency and low absorbance of staining reagents give high gel clearity

Description Capacity PK Cat. No.
1 Agarose Standard, für Routine-Anwendungen in der Elektrophorese 500 1 9920-500G Open webshop
2 Agarose niedrige Elektroendosmose (EEO) 500 1 9953-500G Open webshop
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