From A for acetone to Z for zinc sulphate:

CHEMSOLUTE® offers you a wide range of first-class products, providing the perfect solution for your laboratory: chemicals, reagents, solutions and biological buffers. But one thing is certain with all CHEMSOLUTE® products:

  • They are suitable for laboratory use; a wide range meets the requirements according to PH, Eur., ACS or ISO standards.
  • Supplied with detailed specifications.
  • Maximum reliability in terms of labelling, packaging and transport.

CHEMSOLUTE® customised solutions

Do you have a special need that is not included in our wide range of ready-to-use standard chemicals? Then the new service of CHEMSOLUTE® Customised Solutions is just the right thing for you. We produce chemicals to meet your specific needs.

  • Production according to your specifications: Solutions, powders, mixtures, acids and alkalis
  • Customised special formulas to meet your specific requirements


You’ll never have to produce them yourself again. Find out more about this new customisation service and get personal advice from our laboratory experts. Download the CHEMSOLUTE® Customised Solutions flyer here.

"We’ll be pleased to help!"

Do you have any questions regarding our current or planned products, suggestions or ideas for improvement? Do you need more information? Simply give us a call or send us a short e-mail. Our product management team looks forward to hearing from you.