Regenerated cellulose membrane filters, white

LABSOLUTE® offers a wide selection of membrane filters for microfiltration. You can choose between several membrane materials, diameters and pore sizes. Usage of membrane filters is recommended both for filtration of air and fluid and is optimally suited in particular for retention of very small particles. Precisely defined micro pores and exceeding stability - this combination makes it a good choice for applications in the microbiological sector, as well as in the pharmaceutical, food and water analysis industry.

Filters made of regenerated cellulose membrane provide excellent resistance to almost all kinds of organic solvents and high temperatures.

  • Hydrophilic
  • Low protein binding capacity
  • Maximum operating temperature: 134 °C
  • Non-sterile
  • Autoclavable

Ø Pore size PK Cat. No.
mm µm
47 0.22 100 7699950 Open webshop
47 0.45 100 7699951 Open webshop
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