Condenser acc. to Dimroth, glass olives, borosilicate glass 3.3

The LABSOLUTE® reflux condenser made of high-quality borosilicate glass 3.3 comply with the actual valid standards. You can choose between condenser according to Allihn, Dimroth and Liebig in several length and with different socket and cone connections. The water connection goes via a GL14 screw thread in combination with PP olives or via simple glass olives. All reflux condenser win over a very good chemical resistance and a high temperature resistance. You can use our LABSOLUTE® condenser for distillation, chemical synthesis, and many more laboratory applications.

Comply with DIN 12591. Water connectors with glass olives.

Effective length Cone Socket PK Cat. No.
mm NS NS
160 14/23 14/23 1 7690310 Open webshop
160 29/32 14/23 1 7690311 Open webshop
250 14/23 14/23 1 7690312 Open webshop
250 29/32 29/32 1 7690313 Open webshop
400 29/32 29/32 1 7690314 Open webshop
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