Pouring rings and screw caps, PBT

The red LABSOLUTE® screw caps and pouring rings made of PBT are the perfect complement to the LABSOLUTE® clear and amber laboratory glass bottles. Both the caps, delivered with a PTFE-coated silicone seal, as well as the pouring rings are temperature-resistant up to 200°C. Therefore it is possible to sterilize them with hot air at 180 °C. Evaporation of highly volatile substances is avoided by the additional seal.

Description Neck thread PK Cat. No.
Screw cap, red 45 1 7690068 Open webshop
Pouring ring, red 45 1 7690069 Open webshop
Screw cap, red 32 1 7690393 Open webshop
Pouring ring, red 32 1 7690394 Open webshop
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