Micro-inserts for vials with wide opening, PP

The micro-inserts made of transparent PP are suitable for

  • Short thread vials ND9, with wide opening made of glass or plastic
  • Screw neck vials ND10, with wide opening
  • Crimp neck vials ND11, with wide opening
  • Snap ring vials ND11, with wide opening
  • Shell vials, with a nominal volume of 2 ml

The micro-inserts with polymer foot are not suitable for shell vials.

Description Capacity Size PK Cat. No.
ml mm
PP, transparent, conical tip 10 mm 0.1 29 x 6 1000 7654481 Open webshop
PP, transparent, conical tip, with polymer foot 0.1 29 x 6 1000 7648594 Open webshop
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