Kit for titration according to Karl-Fischer

The LABSOLUTE® kit ND20 consists of crimp neck vials made of clear glass of the first hydrolytic class and corresponding aluminum crimp closures with an ultraclean septum made of silicone/PTFE. The special dimensions of the vials and the modification of the closures are perfectly adapted for the use with the Metrohm 774 & 874 Oven Sample Processor for the determination of the water content according to Karl-Fischer.

Description Capacity Size PK Cat. No.
ml mm
1 Crimp neck vial ND20, clear glass, flat bottom,
crimp cap ND20, aluminium, septa silicone blue transparent / PTFE white,
3.0 mm, 45° shore A, UltraClean
6.0 38.2 x 21.7 100 7648231 Open webshop
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