Crimp seals ND13

Crimp seals ND13 are made of aluminium. They are clear lacquered and have a 6 mm centre hole, a centre tear-off or complete tear-off. They are supplied with fitted septa made of a variety of materials.

The septa made of silicone white/PTFE red are temperature-resistant from -60 °C to 200 °C and have better purity than septa made of natural rubber, butyl or red rubber. However, they have less effective resealability properties and are therefore more suitable for single-injection applications.

The septa made of butyl red/PTFE grey are temperature-resistant from -40 °C to 120 °C and have excellent chemical properties with regard to cleanliness.

Septa made from Viton have a very high resistance against a wide range of solvents. These septa are highly recommended for use with chlorinated solvents. Viton septa are not suitable for multiple injections or high injections speeds.

On Pharma-Fix seals, it is only the butyl areas that can come into contact with the sample, are PTFE coated. The areas that abut the edges of the glass are not coated. This ensures a particularly good seal.

Description Hardness Thickness PK Cat. No.
Natural rubber red-orange / TEF transparent 60° shore A 1.3 100 7647502 Open webshop
Butyl red / PTFE grey 55° shore A 2.0 100 7632356 Open webshop
Butyl red / PTFE grey, centre tear-off 55° shore A 2.0 100 7647505 Open webshop
Butyl / PTFE, Pharma-Fix 50° shore A 2.0 1000 7670913 Open webshop
Butyl / PTFE, Pharma-Fix, gold cap 50° shore A 2.0 100 7647499 Open webshop
Butyl / PTFE, Pharma-Fix, centre tear-off 50° shore A 2.0 100 7615288 Open webshop
Silicone white / PTFE red 45° shore A 1.3 100 7657319 Open webshop
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