Ready-to-use plates for microbiological hygiene control

CHEMSOLUTE® ready-to-use plates size 90 mm for the monitoring of microbiological contamination of surfaces and air in cleanrooms, isolators, food industry and hospitals. For the hygiene control in the presence of disinfectant residues choose CHEMSOLUTE® media with disinhibitors (TLHTh), they contain the four neutralizers histidine, lecithin, polysorbate 80 and sodium thiosulfate. The bags of 10 plates are double or triple packed in cellophane bags.

  • Produced under clean room conditions
  • With irradiation indicator
  • Quality control according to ISO 11133

Description Packaging irradiated PK Cat. No.
1 CASO Agar TLHTh Double Wrapping Yes 20 9751-20PLATES Open webshop
2 R2A Agar Double Wrapping Yes 20 9160-20PLATES Open webshop
3 Sabouraud Glucose Agar TLHTh Double Wrapping Yes 20 9781-20PLATES Open webshop
4 CASO Agar (TSA) Triple Wrapping Yes 20 9696-20PLATES Open webshop
5 CASO Agar TLHTh Triple Wrapping Yes 20 9690-60PLATES Open webshop
6 Sabouraud Glucose Chloramphenicol Agar Triple Wrapping Yes 20 9164-20PLATES Open webshop
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