Tris for molecular biology (min. 99,9%)

CHEMSOLUTE® Tris for molecular biology is highly pure, tested for a particularly low content of heavy metals, and free of DNases, RNases, proteases.

Tris has a good buffer capacity in the range of pH 7.2 to pH 9.0 and is one of the most frequently used buffer substances. CHEMSOLUTE® Tris is recommended for use in molecular biology, e.g. in the TE buffer for DNA purification as well as in the TBE and TAE buffer for SDS-PAGE and agarose gel electrophoresis or in TBS buffers, e.g. in Western blotting.

Description Package size PK Cat. No.
1 Tris for molecular biology 500 g 1 8085-500G Open webshop
2 Tris for molecular biology 1 kg 1 8085-1KG Open webshop
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