Laboratory notebooks

The LABJOURNAL offers all criteria for you to document your data and experimental processes most efficiently. Each page is numbered serially and includes space for title, signature and date. In addition, you can create a table of contents and write notes on the first pages of the notebook. The acid-free pages are ageing-resistant and therefore suitable for long-term archiving. Combined with the waterproof and chemical-resistant cover, these conditions guarantee safe documentation of your notes over many years.

  • Available with different number of pages
  • Available in three colours
  • Available in lined or grid version
  • Dimensions (W x H): 218 x 281 mm

Description Type Colour PK Cat. No.
Laboratory notebook, 100 pages Grid Black 1 7699980 Open webshop
Laboratory notebook, 200 pages Grid Blue 1 7699981 Open webshop
Laboratory notebook, 200 pages Lined Red 1 7699982 Open webshop
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