Waste bags

The blue LABSOLUTE® waste bags made from LDPE with a wall thickness of 35 µm are tear resistant, flexible and offer a wide range of applications. The red waste bags with a material thickness of 150 μm are ideal for medical practices, hospitals or laboratories to dispose hazardous waste. All LABSOLUTE® LDPE waste bags are made from 100 % recycled material.
The smaller waste bags with a volume of 30 and 60 l made from HDPE are perfect for the smaller laboratory waste bins.

Packungsgröße Cat. No.
250 piece 7697020 Open webshop
100 Stück 7697022 Open webshop
3 25 Stück 7697030 Open webshop
4 25 Stück 7697031 Open webshop
50 Stück 7697033 Open webshop
250 piece 7697021 Open webshop
50 Stück 7697034 Open webshop
500 piece 7697024 Open webshop
500 piece 7697023 Open webshop
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