Disposable gloves, nitrile Protective, powder-free

The powder-free, blue, disposable LABSOLUTE® Protective gloves made of nitrile with rolled cuff are the best supplement to the LABSOLUTE® Sensitive gloves for a higher protection level.

The silicone-free gloves with a wall thickness (double) of 0.26 mm and an AQL value of 1.5 are textured on the outside and correspond to the following standards and directives

  • EN 420, EN 421, EN ISO 374-1, -2, -4, -5, EN 455 1-4 and EN 16523-1
  • (EU) 2016/425 (PPE in accordance with CE category III for complex risks)
  • 1935/2004 (food contact)
  • ASTM 1671 / ISO 16604 (viral penetration)

Further properties:
  • Approved for the use within Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) concepts
  • UV transmission less than 0.1 % at 360 nm
  • Delivered in handy dispenser boxes of 100 pieces (S, M, L) or 90 pieces (XL)
  • Free from phthalates, softeners and allergenic latex proteins
  • Storage life: 3 years
  • Can be worn on the left or right hand
  • Not suitable to be used in cleanrooms

Size PK Cat. No.
S 100 7696906 Open webshop
M 100 7696907 Open webshop
L 100 7696908 Open webshop
XL 90 7696909 Open webshop
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