Cell culture flasks, PS, treated, sterile

The cell culture flasks from LABSOLUTE® are made exclusively of PS, corresponding to the highest international standards (USP Class VI). A short, wide and angled neck allows an easy handling while the risk of contamination is minimized. The vacuum gas plasma treatment of surfaces allows adherent cells a uniform and even cell adhesion.

  • Short and wide sloping neck for easy access
  • Easily stackable
  • Both flasks sides have engraved graduation with a labelling area
  • Screw cap with a hydrophobic 0.22 μm filter for ventilation
  • Packed upright in resealable bags
  • Sterilized by radiation (SAL 10-6)

Cover type Growth area Working volume Total volume Sterile Sub-PK PK Cat. No.
cm² ml ml Pieces
Filter screw cap 12.5 20 25 10 200 7696780 Open webshop
Filter screw cap 25.0 40 50 10 200 7696781 Open webshop
Filter screw cap 75.0 175 250 5 100 7696782 Open webshop
Filter screw cap 182.5 400 600 5 40 7696783 Open webshop
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