Cell strainers

The LABSOLUTE® cell strainers are made of a strong nylon mesh and are characterized by an even distribution of the mesh pores. With the sterile cell sieves, cell suspensions can be quickly and easily filtered to collect primary cells or prepare samples for flow cytometry.

  • Available in three mesh sizes: 40 μm, 70 μm and 100 μm
  • Color coded for easy distinction
  • Extended edge allows easy handling even with tweezers
  • Individually packed, gamma-irradiated (SAL 10-6)
  • DNase, RNase and pyrogen-free

Mesh size Colour PK Cat. No.
40 Blue 50 7696767 Open webshop
70 White 50 7696768 Open webshop
100 Yellow 50 7696769 Open webshop
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