Cell scrapers and cell lifters, sterile

The LABSOLUTE® cell scrapers and lifters enable easy and efficient cell harvest. Optimize your cell harvest by using the cell scraper for cell culture flasks and cell lifter for dishes. The handle is made of ABS and allows the controlled use of the thin, flexible blade made of TPE.

  • Two different handle lengths (25 cm with 2 cm blade and 39 cm with 3 cm blade)
  • Two blade positions: scraper and lifter
  • Individually wrapped in paper/plastic blister packs

Description Length Blade length PK Cat. No.
mm mm
Cell scraper 250 20 100 7696760 Open webshop
Cell lifter 250 20 100 7696761 Open webshop
Cell scraper 390 30 100 7696762 Open webshop
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