PCR adhesive foils

LABSOLUTE® offers a comprehensive range in the field of PCR consumables. These include tubes, strips of 8 tubes, 96-well plates and sealing films. In addition to the standard profile variants with 0.2 ml working volume, we also offer some low-profile versions with a working volume of 0.1 ml in the case of strips and plates.

  • Suitable for all common thermal cyclers
  • Optimal heat transfer and short cycle times through very thin and uniform wall thickness
  • 96-well PCR plates with black alphanumeric coding
  • Free of DNase, RNase and human DNA

Self-adhesive foils for safe sealing of 96-well PCR plates from LABSOLUTE® are free from human DNA and RNA, nucleases and pyrogens.

PCR adhesive foil: Polyester film with an acrylic-based adhesive, which is suitable for PCR, qPCR and other colorimetric assays, but has a low autofluorescence.

Cover and storage foil: PP foil with acrylic-based adhesive for universal closing of 96-well plates. Reliably protects the samples against evaporation and dust; removable, non-pierceable.

PCR and storage foil: The 20 µm thick aluminium foil with acrylic-based adhesive is easily pierceable without sticking the pipette tips or creating a vacuum.

qPCR adhesive foil: This qPCR foil is specially developed for qPCR applications. The pressure-sensitive adhesive is only released when the film comes into contact with the raised rims of the individual wells, thereby ensuring reliable sealing with high transparency and minimal autofluorescence.

Description Material Temp. range PK Cat. No.
PCR adhesive foil Polyester -20 - 110 100 7696570 Open webshop
Cover and storage foil Polypropylene -20 - 80 100 7696571 Open webshop
PCR and storage foil Aluminium -40 - 120 100 7696572 Open webshop
qPCR adhesive foil Polyolefin with pressure-sensitive adhesive -80 - 100 100 7696573 Open webshop
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