PCR 96-well plates

LABSOLUTE® offers a comprehensive range in the field of PCR consumables. These include tubes, strips of 8 tubes, 96-well plates and sealing films. In addition to the standard profile variants with 0.2 ml working volume, we also offer some low-profile versions with a working volume of 0.1 ml in the case of strips and plates.

  • Suitable for all common thermal cyclers
  • Optimal heat transfer and short cycle times through very thin and uniform wall thickness
  • 96-well PCR plates with black alphanumeric coding
  • Free of DNase, RNase and human DNA

The LABSOLUTE® 96-well PCR plates offer optimum heat transfer between the thermal cycler and the reaction mix through their extra thin and uniform vessel walls. The plates are sealable with adhesive films, heat sealing films and cover strips with flat and domed caps. The slightly raised rims of the individual wells reduce cross-contamination and evaporation of the samples. The black alphanumeric coding allows optimal sample distinction. All plates are free of DNase, RNase and human DNA.

96-well, skirted, low profile
Skirted 96-well PCR plates are rigid and suited for processing and transportation by automatic pipetting systems. Cut corner: H1.

96-well, semi-skirted
96-well semi-skirted PCR plates can be easily labelled or tagged with a barcode. Cut corner: A12.

96-well, for Roche® LightCycler® 480
The plates are perfect for use in LC480. Homogeneous white coloration with titanium dioxide and a smooth surface reduce interfering autofluorescence signals. Cut corner: H12.

96-well, non-skirted
96-well non-skirted PCR plates are suitable for a broad spectrum of thermal cyclers. Cut corner: H12.

Description Capacity Colour PK Cat. No.
Skirted, low profile 0.15 Transparent 50 7696530 Open webshop
Non-skirted, standard profile 0.20 Transparent 50 7696535 Open webshop
Semi-skirted, standard profile 0.20 Transparent 50 7696540 Open webshop
Semi-skirted, standard profile, ABI® style 0.20 Opaque 50 7696541 Open webshop
Semi-skirted, low profile, for Roche LC480® 0.15 White 50 7696545 Open webshop
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