Precision Freeze

LABSOLUTE® offers two effective options for cryopreservation. On the one hand, the LABSOLUTE® Precision Freeze ensures an even, particularly gentle freezing process while, on the other, LABSOLUTE® Quick Freeze ensures that samples are frozen quickly.

Protection against freezing too quickly: the LABSOLUTE ® Precision Freeze, made of PC and filled with 100 % isopropyl alcohol, guarantees a slow, reproducible freezing process of -1 °C/min. The samples are protected against contact with the isopropyl alcohol thanks to the internal tube holders made of HDPE, and even the labelling of the samples remains undamaged. For thawing, the handy tube holder can also be used as a floating stand in the water bath when thawing the samples.

  • Constant cooling rate of -1 °C/min
  • Stackable container with foam inlay
  • Suitable for cryo tubes of sizes 1.2 ml to 2.0 ml
  • Housing made of PC
  • Lid and tube holder made of HDPE

Description PK Cat. No.
For 18 tubes 1 7696223 Open webshop
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