Filter tips made from plastic, with aerosol barriers, sterile

The universal LABSOLUTE® pipette tips offer an excellent fit, making them suitable for virtually all brands of pipettes. Combined with all kinds of models, they produce the ideal pipetting unit with precisely shaped tips for maximum precision and superlative impermeability. The exclusive use of particularly high quality polypropylene (PP) guarantees you maximum purity and allows autoclaving at 121 °C. And all this with much less exertion required for clipping on and off in the LABSOLUTE® microlitre pipettes and the other popular pipette brands such as Gilson, Brand, Biohit, Eppendorf, Socorex etc.

All LABSOLUTE® pipette tips are of course free from RNases, DNases, human DNA, PCR inhibitors and pyrogens and are therefore also ideal for PCR and cell culture samples.

Sterile LABSOLUTE® filter tips with aerosol barriers reliably hold aerosols and biomolecules back, thereby effectively protecting your samples and your pipettes from contamination.

Volume range Length PK Cat. No.
1 - 20 µl 50.7 960 7695902 Open webshop
1 - 200 µl 58.6 960 7695903 Open webshop
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