Manual dispenser Pro

A perfect ergonomic design to ensure maximum comfort. The LABSOLUTE® manual dispenser Pro offers you long-lasting dispensing action and an ergonomic shape, lightweight design and smooth dispensing mechanism. Another benefit is that the window offers a clear view of the stroke setting and dispensing volume which is dependent on the dispenser tips used.
Included with delivery: manual dispenser Pro, 1x 5 ml dispenser tip, 1x 1 ml dispenser tip, adapter.

High compatibility

  • LABSOLUTE® dispenser tips and dispenser tips Plus
  • Ritips® and Ritips® Professional (Ritter GmbH)
  • PD-Tips TM (Brand GmbH & Co. KG)
  • Combitips®, Combitips Plus® and Combitips Advanced® (Eppendorf AG)

Maximum comfort
With perfect ergonomic style, the LABSOLUTE® manual dispenser Pro sits perfectly in the hand. The easy-to-operate dispensing button and light weight ensure maximum comfort, even with longer dosing series. The easy operation of the dispensing button makes volume selection, pick-up and drop possible with just one hand.

Maximum flexibility
LABSOLUTE® manual dispenser Pro allows 120 programming steps - handy and flexible for 12 different tip sizes and with 10 stroke settings.

Independent and maintenance-free
LABSOLUTE® manual dispensers have an entirely mechanical structure. This makes them maintenance-free and independent of additional resources, such as power packs or batteries.

Our guarantee
Each individual device is checked after production for its functionality and precision. Only when all requirements of the DIN EN ISO 8655 standard have been met, does LABSOLUTE® manual dispenser Pro receive its serial number.

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