Accessories for single-channel pipettes

Ergonomical and lightweight: our range of microlitre pipettes offers models in various volumes with one, eight and twelve channels. The pipettes boast extreme precision and accuracy whilst being superbly convenient. They are perfectly suitable for long-term use in all laboratory applications and facilitate fatigue-free working. The calibration tool included in the scope of delivery allows you to carry out recalibration very easily yourself.

Double volume adjustment
To adjust the volume, you can use the push button or the thumbwheel. This makes the adjustment process especially comfortable for you.

Soft-spring system
Easy-running, soft pipetting minimizes the exertion required and adds comfort to your everyday laboratory practices.

Easy-to-read volume display
The display has a vertical structure. As a result, you do not have to rotate the pipette to read off the set volume - an additional comfort feature that makes your work easier.

Colour coding
To ensure you recognize the pipette's volume range directly, the push buttons are colour-coded.

High-quality materials

  • Stable shaft
  • UV-resistant
  • Autoclavable

Description PK Cat. No.
Shaft filters for 7.695 706 and 7.695 707 10 7695719 Open webshop
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