Eight-channel pipettes

LABSOLUTE® offers both eight-channel and twelve-channel pipettes with different volume ranges. As with the single-channel pipettes, the colour codes on the push button help you to quickly and reliably recognize the volume ranges at a glance.

Revolutionary spring system

The individual shafts can glide back separately as soon as they are pressed against a pipette tip. This ensures that each pipette tip is firmly and tightly attached.

Innovative ejection mechanism
The ejection is designed so that the tips can be taken off in stages. This reduces the amount of force required considerably - providing tangible comfort in daily use.

Individual 360° adjustment
The pipetting unit can be rotated around 360°, allowing optimized and comfortable working.

Volume range Colour code Grad. PK Cat. No.
µl µl
5 - 50 Yellow 0.1 1 7695710 Open webshop
20 - 200 Yellow 0.2 1 7695711 Open webshop
50 - 300 White 1.0 1 7695712 Open webshop
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