Lab coat, 100 % cotton

The white LABSOLUTE® lab coat is made of 100 % cotton fabric with a weight of 305 g/m². He wins over a lapel collar, two pockets at the sides and one on the breast, as well as a covered push button tab. The long-sleeved coat is suitable for all kind of standard laboratory application. Due to its UPF 50+ function it keeps off more than 98 % of the ultraviolet rays. Our comfortable LABSOLUTE® lab coat is available in women's cut in XS to 2XL size, as well as in men's cut in S to 4XL size. The individual embroidery of the lab coat with personal lettering or the company logo is possible on request.

Description Size PK Cat. No.
Men's cut S 1 7695335 Open webshop
Men's cut M 1 7695336 Open webshop
Men's cut L 1 7695337 Open webshop
Men's cut XL 1 7695338 Open webshop
Men's cut 2XL 1 7695339 Open webshop
Men's cut 3XL 1 7695340 Open webshop
Men's cut 4XL 1 7695341 Open webshop
Women's cut XS 1 7695342 Open webshop
Women's cut S 1 7695343 Open webshop
Women's cut M 1 7695344 Open webshop
Women's cut L 1 7695345 Open webshop
Women's cut XL 1 7695346 Open webshop
Women's cut 2XL 1 7695347 Open webshop
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