Skin Clean

The LABSOLUTE® Absolute Skin range is the ideal solution when it comes to protecting, cleaning and caring for your skin. All products have been adapted to the skin"s natural pH value and have been microbiologically and dermatologically tested. Most products are free of colourants and silicone and are therefore also suitable for use within Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) concepts. We would be delighted to provide you with proof of the skin protection effectiveness on request.

LABSOLUTE® Skin Clean is a soap-free skin cleanser that is especially suited to sensitive and stressed skin. The product is unfragranced and free of preservatives or colourants. Skin Clean contains skin-friendly sugar tensides. It is slightly acidic and therefore reflects the pH value of the skin. The washing liquid is suitable for whole-body cleansing.

Its protective effect means that the product is especially suitable for frequent skin cleansing, even of previously damaged skin, in the care and health sector, but also in laboratories and industry.

Description Capacity PK Cat. No.
Skin Clean 1, unperfumed 250 1 7695204 Open webshop
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