Set of magnetic stirring bars, cylindrical, 10 pieces, PTFE

The set of magnetic stirring bars from LABSOLUTE® is a perfect assortment of the most common sizes for almost all applications. The cylindrical, smooth, PTFE-coated stirring bars come in a solid box with transparent, hinged lid. The set consists of the following 10 stirring bars: 1x 15 x 6 mm, 2x 20 x 7 mm, 2x 25 x 7 mm, 1x 30 x 7 mm, 2x 40 x 7 mm, 1x 50 x 7 mm and 1x 60 x 7 mm.

Description PK Cat. No.
Set of magnetic stirring bars 1 7695125 Open webshop
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