Automatic burettes acc. to Dr. Schilling, class B

The automatic LABSOLUTE® burettes according to Dr. Schilling can be used for several applications in many areas, such as electroplating, water treatment or sewage plants. They are impressing through their precise dosing, the possibility of fine titration and an exact draining tip. The class B burettes are justified to "Ex" and come with a LDPE bottle and solid stand. The tolerances comply with DIN EN ISO 385. There is a Schellbach stripe on the backside of the burettes that makes it easier to read the exact filling level. The bottle and the burette are fixed together by the titrating armature.

The burettes are delivered dismantled, but can be easily installed without additional tools.

Burette capacity Grad. Tolerance Bottle capacity PK Cat. No.
ml ml ± ml ml
10 0.05 0.03 500 1 7691140 Open webshop
15 0.1 0.04 1000 1 7691141 Open webshop
25 0.1 0.05 1000 1 7691142 Open webshop
50 0.1 0.08 1000 1 7691143 Open webshop
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