Graduated pipettes, class AS, type 3, amber graduation

The LABSOLUTE® graduated and volumetric pipettes are made of soda-lime glass and have a batch identification. A batch-specific certificate of conformity is available on request.

The graduated and volumetric pipettes are calibrated to "Ex" (+5 seconds) so that the draining volume of liquid corresponds to the printed volume specification after five seconds.

Accuracy class AS
All LABSOLUTE® graduated and volumetric pipettes satisfy the criteria of the highest accuracy class A. The tolerance lies within the standard defined for class A. The suffix "S" means rapid draining. The draining time is between 5 and 20 seconds, depending on the nominal volume, as opposed to 10 to 60 seconds with class A.

Durable labelling
All information is imprinted in brown diffusion dye. This dye is burned into the surface of the glass and can only be destroyed by glass erosion. The labelling is therefore unaffected by chemicals and cleaning agents.

According to DIN EN ISO 835.

Capacity Length Colour code Graduation PK Cat. No.
ml mm ml
1 360 Yellow 0.01 6 7691050 Open webshop
2 360 Black 0.02 6 7691051 Open webshop
5 360 Red 0.05 6 7691052 Open webshop
10 360 Orange 0.10 6 7691053 Open webshop
20 360 Yellow stripes 0.10 3 7691054 Open webshop
25 450 White 0.10 3 7691055 Open webshop
50 450 Black 0.20 3 7691056 Open webshop
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