Filter flasks, with glass olive, borosilicate glass 3.3

The LABSOLUTE® Erlenmeyer shaped filter flasks with glass olive made of high-quality borosilicate glass 3.3 comply with the ISO 6556 and DIN 12476 standards. Together with the LABSOLUTE® Buchner funnels and suitable rubber gaskets, they form a perfect unit for almost all kinds of filtration applications in chemical labs. All LABSOLUTE® filter flasks are autoclavable and, because of their high wall thickness, also vacuum-proof.

We recommend a vacuum tube with an inner diamater of 8 mm to connect the filter flasks to a vacuum pump.

Due to the glass olive, the flasks do not comply with the requirements of the German product safety law (ProdSG).

Capacity Neck Ø Height PK Cat. No.
ml mm mm
100 17 107 1 7690200 Open webshop
250 28 158 1 7690201 Open webshop
500 34 188 1 7690202 Open webshop
1000 37 242 1 7690203 Open webshop
2000 41 288 1 7690204 Open webshop
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