With aluminium septa

Crimp seals ND11 are made of aluminium. They are clear or lacquered in different colours and have a 5.5 mm hole. They are supplied with fitted septa made of a variety of materials.

Septa made of aluminium are free of halogens and elastomers and suitable for storing standards or reactive substances that can attack normal septum materials. There is also no risk of contamination of the samples with plasticizers, silicone or butyl rubbers or PTFE, FEP or TEF components. A ring placed above the aluminium septum achieves an excellent seal on the stopper system.

Application areas

  • Elastomer and plastomer analysis
  • Phthalate analysis
  • Analysis of fluorinated/halogenated organic compounds
  • VOC analysis (volatile organic compounds)
  • Analysis of polymerisation catalysts

Description Thickness PK Cat. No.
Aluminium septum with O-ring seal 0.06 100 7660047 Open webshop
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