Disposable syringes, PP, Luer slip, non-sterile

The two-part, non-sterile LABSOLUTE® disposable syringes, with Luer lock connection according to DIN EN 1707 or Luer slip connection complying with DIN EN 20594-1, are fully manufactured from robust, chemical-resistant PP. They are free of latex, plasticizers and PVC. There are no rubber plunger seals or silicone lubricants that can cause contamination of your samples. The syringes are also impressive due to the safe functional back-stop feature and an easy-to-read permanent graduation.

Capacity PK Cat. No.
1 100 7657545 Open webshop
2 100 7644125 Open webshop
5 100 7644126 Open webshop
10 100 7644127 Open webshop
20 100 7644128 Open webshop
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