Plastic, PP

The shell vials made of clear or amber first hydrolytic class glass come in a set with transparent PE plugs. The star-shaped diaphragm in the plug facilitates easy penetration.

Shell vials made of plastic are a shatter-proof alternative to glass vials. They also come with a PE plug.

This easy-to-use, inexpensive vial/plug combination is suitable for non-critical analyses, especially in the field of HPLC.

Description Capacity Size PK Cat. No.
ml mm
Transparent 1 40 x 8 100 7654498 Open webshop
Transparent, with inner cone 3 44.6 x 14.65 100 7654505 Open webshop
Transparent 4 44.6 x 14.65 100 7654504 Open webshop
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