Crimping tool, electronic

Electronic crimpers and decappers provide secure, reproducible crimps and quick and easy removal of aluminium seals. The tools can be used quite mobile because of the built-in rechargeable long life lithium ion battery. Ergonomic design and push button operation eliminates wrist strain especially at large sample series. Adjustable crimp settings make the crimping tool compatible with most vial/seal combinations. The adjusted crimping pressure can be seen easily at any time. A brush-less gear technology guarantees a longer lifetime and less particle emission.

  • Vials can be crimped and decapped while they remain in the sample tray
  • Tools can be used while recharging
  • Universal 100 - 240 V charger included

Other types of the electronic crimper are available on request.

Description PK Cat. No.
Crimping tool for 8 mm crimp caps 1 7646583 Open webshop
2 Crimping tool for 11 mm crimp caps 1 7662425 Open webshop
Crimping tool for 20 mm crimp caps 1 7662426 Open webshop
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