Standard well plates, 384 positions

All well plates made of PP and sealmats are fully chromatography tested. There are several advantages compared to usual vials and caps. Furthermore, the SBS/ANSI footprint assures compatibility with all well plate capable prep stations and chromatography autosamplers.

Well plates and sealmats are suitable for polar and non-polar solvents, in case of very critical analysis and very low sample concentrations.

  • Space saving on the lab bench and when stored
  • Faster sample preparation when multichannel pipettes are used
  • Time saving because many different samples are prepared on one single plate

The plates made of PP, with square wells, are non-coated, non-sterile and chromatography tested.

Certified and glass coated well plates are available on request.

Description Height Usable volume PK Cat. No.
mm µl
Deepwell micro plate, square opening, 384 positions, U shape 22 5 - 240 5 7644708 Open webshop
Micro well plate, square opening, 384 positions, V shape 14.4 4 - 120 10 7644710 Open webshop
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