Syringe filters, ProFill, 25 mm

The LABSOLUTE® ProFill Syringe filters are suitable best for sample volumes of 1.5 up to 100 ml. The ultrasonically welded polypropylene (PP) housing of the syringe filters ensures high pressure resistance. The membrane is fixed in the housing in such a way that a by-passing of the sample liquid is impossible. The colour-coding enables easy identification of the filter’s membrane type. Furthermore membrane type and pore size are printed onto the PE bag, in which the filters are tamper-proof evidently packed with 100 pieces each. An additional blue reclosable PP box offers further protection for the filters during transportation. Due to their Luer Lock-Inlet (female) an easy and safe installation of the filter on the syringe is guaranteed. The outlet is designed as Luer Slip (male). Thorough quality controls before and after the manufacturing process guarantee a constantly high quality of the membrane material as well as of the complete filter unit.

Filter material Pore size Colour code PK Cat. No.
Nylon (PA) 0.20 Bright blue 100 7630082 Open webshop
Nylon (PA) 0.45 Bright green 100 7614301 Open webshop
PTFE 0.20 Green 100 7615444 Open webshop
PTFE 0.45 Transparent 100 7615875 Open webshop
Regenerated Cellulose (RC) 0.20 Blue 100 7631160 Open webshop
Regenerated Cellulose (RC) 0.45 Yellow 100 7630257 Open webshop
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