Crimping tool, pneumatic, manual

The pneumatic hand-held crimping tool makes crimping and decapping of vials very easy and ergonomic. The time spent to crimp or decap a series of many samples, especially, is shortend clearly. As the balancer compensates the weight of the pneumatic crimper, steady and precise crimping is no problem.

  • Operated by compressed air (min. 6.2 bar = 90 psi)
  • Easy handling
  • Interchangeable heads for crimping and decapping
  • Adjustable, constant and reproducible crimping pressure
  • Space-saving installation with a balancer on your working bench (Art. 7.618 928)
  • CE mark of conformity

Inlet air supply connector G 1/4" thread (female) has to be provided by the customer!

Description PK Cat. No.
Pneumatic basic crimping tool incl. pressure regulator, safety valve and PA twisted hose 1 7618927 Open webshop
Stand with foot switch 1 7644958 Open webshop
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