With butyl / PTFE septa

Precision thread screw seals ND18 are made of metal and supplied with fitted septa made of a variety of materials. The hole size is selected so that the cap is suitable both for SPME and headspace applications. However, enough surface is left for the magnet to be able to transport a completely filled vial. The screw-on mechanism ensures that the cap always has a flat surface so that the bottle cannot fall from the magnet. Separation of the vial and cap for disposal after analysis is much easier than with crimp caps.

Closed caps in combination with precision thread screw vials ND18 are ideal for sample storage.

Precision thread screw seals are not suitable for item 7.616 139 !

Septa are temperature-resistant from -40 °C to 120 °C and have excellent chemical properties.

Description Hardness Thickness PK Cat. No.
Butyl red / PTFE grey 55° shore A 1.6 100 7615717 Open webshop
Butyl red / PTFE grey, closed 55° shore A 1.6 100 7622171 Open webshop
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