LLG-2in1 KITs with crimp neck vials ND11 (wide opening)

2in1 KITs contain 100 vials (1.5 ml) and 100 closures in an orange PP-Box. As both components are always required at the same time, 2in1 KITs are a convenient way to obtain and store all required items for analysis. All advantages of the individual components (cleanroom packaging of the vials, recloseability of the packaging, etc.) remain unchanged.

Any other combination of vial and seal as a 2in1 KIT available.

Description Cover type PK Cat. No.
clear Crimp Cap, silver, hole,
Natural Rubber red-orange / TEF transparent
100 6257139 Open webshop
clear, labelling field Crimp Cap, silver, hole,
Natural Rubber /
Butyl red-orange / TEF transparent
100 9003565 Open webshop
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