Absorbent for chemicals CHEMSOLUTE® Sorb

CHEMSOLUTE® Sorb is an innovative chemical binding agent with a polymer/mineral basis, which can be used anywhere for all liquids apart from mercury. The chemicals and oils absorbed are very quickly and effectively bound, which avoids placing a burden on personnel and the environment and reduces the fire hazard, also for liquids with a high vapour pressure.

Due to the fine-granular structure, CHEMSOLUTE® Sorb doesn’t create dust and can therefore be used in inside spaces without any problems. As a registered oil binder under guideline Type III R (MPA NRW 22 000 8388 10), it is also ideally suited for circulation areas.

  • Very high binding capacity
  • Simple to dose
  • Doesn’t create dust
  • Skin-compatible
  • With barrier formation function
  • Colour change shows acids (yellow) and alkalis (red)
  • Saturation evident from colour intensity

Capacity Package PK Cat. No.
1,800 ml Plastic bottle 1 2418-1.8L Open webshop
4,000 ml Plastic bottle 1 2440-4L Open webshop
5 kg Plastic canister 1 2450-5KG Open webshop
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