High quality Agarose


NEW in our CHEMSOLUTE® portfolio: high quality Agarose in Standard quality and low electroendosmosis - ideal for electrophoresis methods in your lab!


Agarose Standard
  • Electroendosmosis (EEO) 0.14-0.16
  • For efficient separation of nucleic acid fragments from 250 bp to 23 kbp
  • Excellent solubility and fast gelling
  • High transparency and low background for clear and defined bands

Agarose low electroendosmosis
  • Low EEO (0.05-0.13) ensures high electrophoretic mobility
  • Extraordinary mechanical resistance for increased stability and easier handling
  • Higher thermal stability due to higher difference between gelling and melting temperature
  • Excellent transparency and low absorbance of staining reagents give high gel clearity

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